Saturday, April 24, 2010

Green Idea

Business schools should also have environment friendly products.

Hi There,
Through this idea i want to make a point that we should inbuilt green values in student managers while they are in business schools, and not wait till they hold positions in corporate world and make green decisions.
Management education providers can gain more trust in the society by emphasizing their green efforts. Apart from competing for students by only advertising analytical rankings, they need to show they also value what society values.
The education industry is not working in isolation to the society. Thus their efforts in competing with others in the industry must evolve and be consistent with society values. They must embrace externalities for their efforts to become and to be perceived as a responsible education providers. 
So going forward, apart from parameters like - Placement, Intellectual Capital, International Linkages, Infrastructure, Industry Interface etc., they should include parameters which show their responsibility towards society as a whole. 
Some of the easy parameters can be - Energy consumption per student, College social responsibility, Renewable energy use inside campus etc.
In corporates senior management and executives are key persons for Initiating as well as driving green initiatives. Thus it becomes imperative to have these values and skills inbuilt in them right from their business school days. 
In words of responsible corporates, business schools should also have environment friendly products.

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