Thursday, April 15, 2010

What an Idea sirjee!!

Aditya Birla Group's flagship brand Idea cellular limited has came out with innovative & interesting marketing campaigns, which focuses on social aspects of the country & have attempted to address them in very unique manner.

Idea initially started with campaign's which like all cellular brands focuses on generic & functional aspects of mobile service providers & this was not able to create a clutter in crowded & extremely competitive telecom industry. Lowe, the media house for Idea has came up with a brilliant message & 360 degree campaign with social awareness as prime focus. This will help idea to position itself as a more consumer oriented & responsible brand.

Lets understand Idea's marketing strategy.

1) Education for all

India today is undergoing a major challenges like poverty, unemployment & population which can be road blocks in its way to become global super power nation. Education is the key to address these issues. Idea has came up with unique advertisement in which an education for everyone is being shown. It should not be challenge anymore for village residents to give their kids higher educations which will make them global citizens of tomorrow & making this happen through mobile telephony.

2) For the people, by the people

Corruption in the blood of almost all Indian politicians & citizens will not make this country & its people grow. Integrity is what matters.

3) Idea Caste War Campaign

A campaign against caste war which still prevails in the rural part of India

4) Fitness's new Mantra

"Walk when you talk" Simply amazing campaign with benefits for general society & its people. I am sure many did start walking while talking. Including me :)

5) Go green

The latest in the ad world is go green campaign from Idea. I hope a day will come when we will become paperless economy.

What an Idea sir jee :)

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